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Credit Card and Disability

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Credit card offers for the disabled: apply or not?

Should physically as well as mentally disabled customers be eligible for the same advantageous credit card offers as healthy, wealthy and prosperous credit card applicants? It is a burning issue today as credit card for disabled can be a goldmine for credit card companies and a financial disaster for mentally or physically feeble people.

It is no wonder that with such an armful of top credit card offers, like best reward credit card offers and cash back credit card offers with attractive rates and programs, people with insuperable difficulties also want to apply for profit. But do they actually realize that some of credit cards' terms and charges are not for their good and primarily pursue the goal of the creditor, that is getting you pay higher APR on your card.

According to a research recently done by our site, opinions are cardinally split into two - whether or not credit card companies should provide credit card offers for disabled people. The matter is getting more confused and complicated due to the advance of credit card options especially alluring for this category of people and thus adding to the "Yes" votes.

What are these options and how do they make you desire to obtain at lest one of the online credit card offers? One of the main reasons for the disabled to get a credit card is that it is no doubt a convenient and effective tool to make purchases. With a credit card, physically disabled customers no longer need to walk along the streets to withdraw cash or buy something. They can spend without leaving home, that is make purchases over the phone or the internet. What's more, the best credit card offers allow to shop online with high security provided. So, disabled credit consumers can feel fully protected.

In comparison with credit card consumers spending at home, people using their credit cards in supermarkets are more exposed to risk. Once a credit card is dropped or forgotten, it becomes an easy game for a fraud and you may find yourself financially disabled in the long run.

Another factor speaking in favor of credit cards for the disabled is the convenience to apply for a credit card offer online or by phone. The credit card application process is also safe, so you can be sure of your personal information protected.

The convenience of the credit card application and credit card use, however, is not the heart of the problem and shouldn't be taken into consideration when you decide to order a credit card or when the lender makes credit card decision. A chance to get an instant online approval credit card for a disabled person depends on his ability to pay for his credit card obligations.

If you are a disabled but you do have the income large enough to pay off the balance on your credit card, then you can apply online for credit card and receive approval. In fact, when it comes to the point of comparing credit card offers and applying for credit card, your disability doesn't play the critical role - the most important for the credit card company is to be sure you'll repay.

Credit card companies are self-profit and greedy enough to heap you up with credit card offers and it doesn't matter much to them whether you can't walk or think properly.

So, many of the respondent said "No" to credit cards for the disabled just for the reason that they may appear incompetent in credit card debt repayment due to the usually low income. But those speaking in favor of issuing credit card to such customers say they can consider secured credit card offers which are a guaranteed approval for the disabled with a stable and low income.

The question is still open for discussion but one thing is certain: if you have a steady but limited income and you can pay your credit card bills on time, you should be eligible for credit, disabled or not.

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Mrs. Lynn Campbell 03:06 PM, March 26, 2007
I am an disabled individual and I agree that some of us are able to pay our bills in a timely fashion. This is discrimination all over again. If you have the ability to live on your own,pay your own bills,and handle all of the medical issues that we go through,than why can't we handle our own credit and spending issues?
william lewis 08:34 PM, September 02, 2010
the credit card would help me with responsibility
Christopher VanHook 10:16 AM, September 20, 2010
I would like to show that i'm worthy of a credit card.
Christopher VanHook 10:17 AM, September 20, 2010
I would like to show that i\'m worthy of a credit card.
brianstrait 04:16 PM, September 28, 2011
i dont own a credit card right now but i need to improve my credit rating and my bank sad to get a crdit card but right now i dont even have a phone so can you help me.
Angie Lenyz 08:27 PM, June 11, 2014
I am on SSD. Can you tell me do I have to inform SSD about my credit card?
Terry 09:28 AM, October 06, 2016
Can I get this card on ssi
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